PaddyFest Havasu is proud to announce
the addition of
to our event attractions!

Perhaps the most fun event at PaddyFest will be PICKLEFEST. It’s a chance you’ll have to learn about, watch, and actually play pickleball. It’s a chance you won’t want to miss. And it’s free!

If you don’t know, pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America, perhaps the world. It’s a racket sport everyone can play – even you.
Not only is pickleball fun, it has many health benefits as well. The sport combines cardio, balance, and agility — it’s low impact, yet fast-paced, making pickleball the perfect sport for seniors and kids alike.

Lake Havasu pickleball players will be at PICKLEFEST to demonstrate the sport, then give you a chance to hit the ball. It’s fun!

The FREE lessons are open from
Noon to 4 p.m.         

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Come get PICKLED!

Learn more about Lake Havasu pickleball at