PaddyFest Havasu Needs Your Help! 

We need volunteers (paid and un-paid for charity) to help ensure the success of the Inaugural 2019 event!

Volunteer SIGN UP

To sign-up as a “Paddy” Volunteer, complete the short application below, select ONE Volunteer Position preference and click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the application. Your application will be submitted electronically.

Below are the remaining areas we need volunteers for. Please select ONLY ONE preference, and someone from our staff will contact you with event information.

All volunteers will receive a 4-Day pass to event, Paddy Crew T-shirt, and a special parking pass. Thank you for helping!

All schedules, announcements and notifications for event will reach you via the email you provide and/or your phone number.

All unpaid volunteer positions ensures the huge charitable donation we envisage, can only get larger. We are committed to a large volume of gross sales being paid to Local Havasu charities.


•    Sales for Artist/PaddyFest Merchandise: You’ll be selling the artists and official Event Merchandise from the 2019 entertainment line-up and more, how cool is that? “Best PaddyFest, In the Whole Southwest.” Cash, Stock and Inventory skills are required.

•    Artist Transportation: Most artists will provide their own transportation into town but we may need a reliable crew of drivers to move Musicians between accommodation and potential Airport Pick Ups. Our Passenger van will be provided so a clean driver license is a must.

•    At Large: These are flexible volunteers who are willing to be placed where the need is the greatest. These volunteers will fill time periods or areas that may otherwise go understaffed.

•    Beverage Servers: These Volunteers vary as do the “Watering Holes.” We will have a variety of bars dispensing varying beverages. Some will simply dispense domestic draft and aluminum bottled beers, so bar tending skills required are nominal. The next level will be craft and imported beers from around the world whereby some limited experience would be preferred. Irish Coffee is quite specialized with Whiskey and Bailey’s and experience would be a must and lastly our Hard Liquor and Wine selection is an area for experienced bartenders. Volunteers must be 21 to dispense alcohol at PaddyFest. All bars require early volunteers to ensure Beverage Set-Up for that day of service.

•    Box Office: All ticketing and daily wristbands are either on the day purchases or pre-event purchases through eTix. We need hand selected volunteers to coordinate purchases and secure differing daily wristbands. We need quality people on all 3 entrances and on 2 beaches plus volunteers at Will-Call.

•    Cash Office: We need hand selected volunteers to help with the daily balance and banking preparation. A background in banking or accounting is obviously preferred.

•    Courtesy Cart Drivers: Help our PFH patrons get from their cars to our main entrance gates and put on that cheery smile. This position begins 30 mins prior to gates opening and finishes daily 30 mins after close.

•    Gate Cashiers and Attendants: We need volunteers with skills and who understand the importance of strict ticketing control and monetary daily balance. We will have all the digital equipment and a full time representative of eTix on site.

•    Green Team: Educate all our patrons as to what and what can’t be recycled. What needs to go in what receptacle’s and maintain cleanliness and move trash cans to main dumpsters. Lifting is required.

•    Powder Room Techs: These positions are daily for our VIP Guests in our VIP Bathrooms. Re-stock toiletry items as needed. Take out garbage and generally keep everything to a VIP standard. We are not asking you to clean the toilets!

•    Pre-Event Set Up: These positions are for persons who can implement physical work in stage, sound and light set up. Lighter duties will include installation of signs and banners within or outside the event.

•    RV Patrons: These positions are for persons who can communicate pre-event with all our on-site RV Patrons. Arrival times to confirm and create RV vendor packages.

•    Security-Information Team: We need volunteers to wear appropriate shirts with full knowledge of all aspects of event who will inform official security of any problems. This position requires being on your feet and interacting with patrons.

•    Social Media:  Are you cool enough to help our full-time staff with regard to continued marketing and promotions. Can you use your personal Smartphone or Tablet or Laptop? 

•    Survey Team: We want to know who, why and where from for all our patrons. Help us capture the demographics of our festival, how they found out about us, where they came from and their experience at either the main gate or throughout the festival.

•    Vendor Co-ordination: Volunteers who can speak with vendors pre-event to confirm arrival times and welcome and guide these vendors on arrival. Help create each vendor package and answer any questions their vendor may have.

•    VIP Tents: Our VIP guests need to be checked in and looked after in an exclusive way. As a VIP Volunteer, you will check their passes and ensure they get the VIP treatment.

•    Volunteer Center: This special crew of volunteers takes care of non-other than the volunteers, YOU! This crew checks you in daily and checks you out daily and assigns help in busy areas that peak at times on site.

•    Wrist Band Control: We need volunteers who fully understand the strict enforcement of the appropriate wristband each day. They are color coded and total 7 varying bands and these volunteers will install the bands on the patrons. No band means pay at gate or ejection from site. Wrong band means back to gate or ejection from site.